Sunday, December 16, 2007

AWOL is my middle name.

I have a problem with falling off the planet every once in a while. Not only in person (like to friends and family) but it clearly applies on the blog too. I might have a commitment problem or something. Either way, the fun news is that I am going to Oregon for a week to shoot at things and go off roading and drink too much wine. I am also going to try to hypnotize a chicken. (they have them there).

I'll post stuff from there, because I am convinced that there is more interesting stuff going on in the middle of nowhere than in New York. (That sounds retarded and pretentious but I find the two compliment each other more often than not. Oh, wait- irony is soooo 2002)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Butch Bitch

I ran into my good old pal Ryan today on the street and he took me underground, where I proceeded to dress up as a 'teenage runaway' (aka myself circa '96) or a lesbian, which is how I dress every day. Brendan has a much better account of the story, which you can read here:

Monday, November 19, 2007

When We Lie

me: "i kind of like that we have the longest running one night stand in history."

ps. (i don't like it at all)


This is what my shitty camera phone can offer from the night

New Jersey is the place where major things happen in my life. I lost my virginity there and now went to my first UFC fight. I also met Joey from New Kids on the Block in Englewood, NJ when i was 11.

Anyway, the fights were pretty OK, Houston Alexander got his face punched in which was upsetting and Michael BIsbing lost to a decision. Crowd hIghlights included; feeling popular because I randomly knew people in the crowd, eating Honey Nut Cheerios from a gas station on the way home in the car and seeing my name written on the same envelope as Chuck Liddell's.

Hello, Little One

This is Chich the Chihuahua. She's pretty much awesome. Likes to be dressed up and photographed. Her dad's a photographer and her mom's a model, so she's kind of fashion royalty. Her wardrobe is higher end than mine.

Happy Birthday Bev!

I stopped by Beverly's (Battletits) intimate brithday dinner on friday and didn't stop talking until the bill was paid. Good thing everyone had finished eating. Then a few of us went to my house and watched Queen of the Damned. I mean, 90's goth vampires, what's up? Aaliyah? Hello? Trashtastic.

Happy Monday!

this is me on sunday at a diner in New Jersey having breakfast. hissing cat.

Friday, November 16, 2007


slaymie: I'm rotting
Kc: Dude
Kc: Uggggg
slaymie: How's it feel to get power raped
Kc: Wtf
Kc: I mean
Kc: Ugggg
Kc: Kill
Kc: Me
slaymie: I'm useless
Kc: Yep
Kc: Me too
Kc: I could either die or die
Kc: Im half dead
slaymie: Either way you're already dead

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Friendly Advice

"Sometimes you have to pet the bunny and stroke the bunny... before you kill the bunny."

-Teen Skipper

Friendly Advice

When you tell me a boy you really like is in your bed I say:

"Quick, chop him up in little pieces and put him under your bed. I'll help you eat the evidence later."